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Training Management

Training is easy to organise on TAM. Only when a Draft Training Course has been approved does it become active in the system.TAM helps you organise your staff training, ensures individual employees receive the training you have specified they should have, and then keeps all your training records for you.

All this sounds very simple, and it is using TAM, because much of the process, training administration and, sometimes, even the training itself is automated.

The importance of well organised staff training

In many instances, the employer has a legal responsibility to ensure staff receive the training they need to do their job properly. An example of this is the area of Health and Safety where the employer is expected to train staff so that they can carry out their jobs safely.

Failure by an employer to do so and/or be able to show that such training has in fact been given to an employee could prove costly (i.e. even if you have provided the training, but have not documented this fact could end you in trouble).

Creating or uploading existing training on TAM

It is easy to create training on TAM by simply inputting the relevant training information on the system.

Alternatively, you can upload your existing training documentation (including pictures) on TAM. This is a process that takes seconds.

Identifying training requirements and ensuring training takes place

My Training. This personalised page helps each employee (provided he/she is a User on TAM) understand what training he/she still needs to do, and how long time each training course is estimated to take. Staff can access all their training online 24/7.
Once you have created a new training course or uploaded existing training documentation on TAM, you need to specify which staff should receive the training in question. You do so by selecting one or more; Departments (all staff in the selected Department(s)); Positions (all staff in the selected Position(s)); Shift Role (all staff in the selected Shift Role(s)); or the individual(s) requiring the training in question.

TAM will then help ensure the required training gets carried out as scheduled, by making it easy for both the individual employees and management to identify outstanding training requirements.

Should the training be "Instructor Led" or "Self Training"?

TAM distinguishes between two types of training: "Instructor Led" and "Self Training".

Training Management. This is one of the training set-up pages, where you specify Instructor Led or Self Training, a Must or a Should Training, and if you want to schedule Refresher(s) and, if so, how often. TAM will then ensure these instructions are carried out.The "Instructor Led" training, which can involve one or more employees at a time, requires that an instructor carries out the training with the employee(s) in question. TAM then asks the instructor to confirm the training has been satisfactorily completed by recording it on TAM. And, finally, TAM asks the individual employee to confirm that he/she has received and understood the training. Only then, will the training be recorded on TAM as completed.

You will specify on TAM who the authorised instructors are for each training course and only these will be able to record that a training course has been satisfactorily completed for those employees participating in the training.

As you begin with TAM, you are likely to have staff that have already received certain training and should therefore not have to be retrained just because you are now using TAM. For such staff you will be able to create "Training Exceptions", which TAM will then recognise and implement.

The "Self Training" is training where the company has deemed it sufficient for staff to read the training material on their own. When finished, the employee is required to confirm that he/she has received the training and understood it.

For both Instructor Led training and Self Training, "Refresher Training" (i.e. a repeat of the original training) can also be scheduled as and when you deem necessary.

TAM will store your training records

The Training Planner shows you all outstanding training requirements on site. Under the other tab called Training History, you will find detailed records of who has received what training, when it took place and who was the instructor.As staff follow the procedure set out by TAM, TAM will automatically help you keep a record of all training history per employee.

There is also a summary per Site to highlight any outstanding training requirements.

Again, for each one of the training/refresher options above, the employee will need to confirm that he/she has received the training and understood it. These confirmations are stored in the training history for that employee.

Staff have 24/7 access to training

Provided the training is documented and uploaded onto TAM, your staff will be able to access the training online at anytime, allowing them to brush up on any aspects of their training that they feel uncertain about.

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