Ordering TAM

Once you have completed the information below, click on the button at the bottom of the page "Order Free Trial of TAM". You will then be transferred to a new page with a confirmation that we have received your order. After that, we will also send a confirmation email to your TAM Responsible Person to verify the details of your order and then proceed to set-up your TAM account on a Free Trial. Once done, we will send your TAM Responsible Person an email with all the details your company needs to start using TAM.

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This is the person within your company who will be the main person responsible for TAM, and our main contact (the "TAM Responsible Person").

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Proposed Client ID* This is the Client ID you and your staff will use when logging on to TAM - it should be all in lower case, based on your company name, short and be easy to remember.
Initial username* Specify what you want the TAM login username to be for the TAM Responsible Person.
Initial password* The password can be changed as soon as you have logged on to TAM.
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How did you hear about TAM?
We would be grateful if you would let us know how you learnt about TAM.* Introduced to TAM by an "Authorised TAM Consultant" (specify name of Consultant AND his/her organisation)
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Terms and Conditions of Use

In order to be able to subscribe to TAM you need to confirm and accept our terms and conditions of use. You do this by ticking the box below.

I confirm and accept the Main Subscription Agreement which includes the terms and conditions that apply to me, the Company and its staff's use of TAM*.

Ordering your Free Trial

Please note that you need to click on green button below "Order Free Trial of TAM Now" so that we can process the above data supplied by you (if you don't do this all the data entered above will be lost and will have to be re-entered).

Before clicking on "Order Free Trial of TAM Now", please ensure that all the information in the fields above have been entered correctly.

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