Operational Management
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Meetings Management

This feature will be available on TAM in 2017, and will be similar in functionality to the tool for Health and Safety Committee and Meetings.

TAM helps ensure your company's meetings become more efficient and productive, resulting in concrete actions being taken.

TAM makes it easy to produce and communicate an agenda and minutes from a meeting

By automating much of the process, TAM makes it easy to invite staff to a meeting, and produce and communicate an agenda to the invited participants.

Once the meeting is finished, it's equally easy to produce and approve the minutes of the meeting, and then communicate these to the participants of the meeting using TAM. The minutes are then stored on TAM and can be accessed online at any time from anywhere in the world.

TAM helps ensure meetings result in concrete actions being taken

Because of the format that TAM provides for meetings, the participants of a meeting are encouraged to make sure their meeting ends not just with verbal agreements, but that concrete actions are produced and entered on TAM.

Actions agreed in a meeting are tracked by TAM until completion

Any actions agreed in a meeting and entered into the minutes on TAM will also be tracked by TAM until completion.

Formal and Informal Meetings

TAM offers two types of meeting format: Formal and Informal Meetings.

The Formal Meeting format is set out above, i.e. a more organised and formal approach where TAM helps you schedule a meeting, invite participants, produce an agenda, and then, after the meeting has taken place, provide minutes and actions from that meeting.

The Informal Meeting, on the other hand, looks to support more impromptu meetings called at short notice, where colleagues meet without a specific agenda. Whilst you could use the Task Generator for the purpose of entering agreed actions on TAM, the Informal Meeting format will supply you with a simple minutes-and-actions-from-meeting structure. This allows you to go back to view the minutes at a later date and to see all the agreed actions in context.

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