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Free Trial
We offer all potential customers a 3 month free trial. This is the best way for you to understand what TAM has to offer and if our Health & Safety software will work for your organisation. There are no obligations to continue after the free trial and there are no “strings attached”. To learn more about the 3 month free trial click here.
"The way TAM's Hazard Spotting exercise works has really helped promote good risk management."
"The Action Manager Health and Safety software provides you with an Accident Book template and an accident reporting procedure that our staff have found really easy to use."
"TAM's Accident and Incident Reporting template is really quick and easy to use, and we like how TAM's accident reporting procedure automatically helps us determine whether an accident or incident is RIDDOR reportable."
"With The Action Manager Health and Safety management software, I can now access all our sites' accident books, records and RIDDOR reports from my laptop 24/7."
"TAM's Health and Safety Policy template works really well and ensures that both fire safety and health and safety are actively managed."
"TAM's Health and Safety software is an essential tool that our business needs and would recommend TAM to any company."
"With clear visibility and overview of compliance issues, TAM's Health and Safety software management system gives total peace of mind with the knowledge that there is full support, if needed."
"The risk assessment and safe system of work template is well structured and has helped us maintain a consistent feel throughout our health and safety documentation."
"TAM's free health and safety software access for non-user has allowed us to comply with numerous health and safety regulations and cut cost in the process."
"TAM's free health and safety software access for non-user has enabled us to comply with a number of health and safety regulations and cut costs in the process."
"The free health and safety software access for non-users is a very cost effective online document sharing option."
"We purchased TAM because we needed a Health and Safety software, however, the task management software that comes with TAM has been a revelation."
"We have just been audited by our OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Auditor who was very impressed with TAM's Health and Safety Software."
"With new features being added to TAM's Health and Safety software all the time the system only gets better."
"We would wholeheartedly endorse TAM's Health and Safety Software."
"Although TAM offers free health and safety software access for non-users, you soon realise that you actually save money by making most staff users."
"What a hidden gem TAM's Health and Safety software is. "
"Our risk management has vastly improved since we started using The Action Manager Health and Safety compliance software."
"The Action Manager health and safety compliance software makes it really easy to manage staff training and keeping training records online."
"We love TAM's health and safety software, which has made keeping track of staff training records a breeze."
"We really like how TAM's Health and Safety Software manage the Safe Systems of Work templates, training requirements and records."
"It is amazing how comprehensive this Health and Safety management software really is."
"Using TAM has made Health and Safety compliance much less of a chore to manage and keep track of."
"TAM's simple structure makes it easy for us and our staff to understand what is required from us in terms of Health and Safety compliance."
"I no longer need to worry that I have forgotten something and I am thankful to TAM's health and safety software for making my job so much easier. "
"On the back of using TAM to manage our Health & Safety and operations, we have been been able to cut our annual insurance premiums by more than 40%. This cost saving alone justifies the cost of using TAM's Health and Safety software many times over."
"Being a multi-site operator, we've really found the company Health and Safety audit dashboard a great tool to quickly identify areas were we still have work to do."
"TAM has really provided the next step in evolving the Health & Safety and HR sides of our business. Even at this early stage we are indebted to the TAM team for creating what we consider to be an essential piece of Health and Safety software. Their clear vision, willingness to listen to thoughts and ideas and speed to react is to be applauded. We really don't know how we managed all these years. without it!" "
"I would thoroughly recommend TAM' Health and Safety Software to anyone who is serious about Health and Safety."
"I would highly recommend TAM's Health and Safety software to any business organisation!"
"Also TAM's support, response and service is excellent and always able to help, advise and discuss improvements."
"As the person responsible for Health and Safety in our company, I really like that TAM's Accident Reporting software sends me alerts to my email and mobile as soon as an accident or incident is being reported.
"The templates for risk assessments, safe systems of work, COSHH, hazard spotting, fire risk assessment, etc. has made health and safety compliance a lot easier for us."
"The health and safety audit dashboard makes health and safety compliance so much easier."
"The health and safety audit dashboard that summarises all our sites' health and safety compliance has made my job so much easier".
"TAM's health and safety management software is both a much cheaper and better solution, than the health and safety software we were using before."
"The accident reporting software and the accident book template TAM offers are great."
"TAM's accident reporting software provides you with a simple reporting template that makes the accident reporting procedure really easy for staff to complete."
"TAM's accident reporting software, accident book template and automatic accident reporting statistics have is really good ."
"Most of our staff have successfully started using TAM's Health and Safety software with a minimal amount of of training."
"We are more than happy to recommend The Action Manager health and safety compliance software."
"I am confident that we are fully compliant with all Health & Safety legislation and are able to demonstrate that compliance quickly and easily with TAM - I never had that confidence before we used TAM's Health and Safety software and I thank the good people at TAM for letting me have far fewer sleepless nights than I did previously."
"An advantage with the Accident Reporting software on TAM is that it allows you to control who is authorised to approve Accident Reports and RIDDOR Reports, and who has access to the historical accident and incident records."
"When you combine the great service you receive with fantastic value, TAM's Health and Safety software is a necessity - plus it allows me to sleep at night!!!!"
"We have had very positive feedback from our insurers and have obtained discounts from them as a result of us using TAM's Health and Safety software, plus have managed huge savings from NOT having to payout insurance excess fees."
"The fact that we can now view all our health and safety records online from anywhere in the world makes TAM an excellent health and safety software solution."

TAM Messaging Service

To make TAM an even more effective tool, we have included an internal messaging service with the system.

Send and receive internal messages using TAM

TAM's Message Centre allows you to send and receive TAM Messages, and send text messages staff's mobile phones.TAM provides a separate tool called the Message Centre that allows all your Users of TAM to send and receive messages to/from fellow Users in your organisation, i.e. nobody can use TAM to send messages to anyone outside of the organisation you have established on TAM.

The Message Centre works in a similar way to having your own email, but without the associated costs for additional software.

Automatically generated TAM messages

The Message Centre is also used by TAM to send automatically generated messages to staff ("AGMess"AGMess is an Automatically Generated Message by TAM.""). These AGMess"AGMess is an Automatically Generated Message by TAM." can be sent to staff for a variety of reasons to inform them of something they should be aware of (e.g. upgrades to TAM, or there has been a change to a Risk Assessment they need to be aware of, etc).

Send text messages to staff's mobile phones using TAM

Sending text messages to mobile phones using TAM is quick and easy. You can send text messages to more than one person at a time. TAM also lets you know how many characters you have left for your message (number in brackets to the right of text box).
A special feature in the TAM Messaging Service allows a User to send text messages to other Users. And each text message can be sent out to one or more recipients.

Because this tool is so quick and easy to use compared to sending text messages from standard mobile phones, this service from TAM has become much appreciated by our customers' staff.

This text messaging tool is one of several user friendly features that will make your staff willing users of TAM, something that can only help you with the implementation of this software.

3 text messaging credits free per User per month

With each £1.00 monthly User subscription, you receive 3 text messaging credits free of charge. If you need more, you can buy additional text messaging credits in bulk at any time at a cost of 8 pence per text message.

Whilst you can't see the content of the text messages your staff send out, you will be able to see how many text messages are sent by each site and individual User, by going to your TAM Account under the Company Set-up tab on TAM.

Email and mobile phone alerts

To make it easier for your staff to use TAM and to ensure they are kept current with what is happening on TAM, without having to log onto the system all the time, TAM's Message Centre can also be organised to send alerts to individual User's email and/or mobile phone.

You can request such alerts for new TAM Messages and/or new Actions received on TAM.

By using the email alert, those staff already using email with their own personal email addresses, will also be able to see incoming TAM Messages and Actions on his/her normal email (although he/she will need to log onto TAM in order to respond to any such message).

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