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Checks and Logs

What we refer to as a "Check and Log" is really a list of checks that needs to be carried out and then logged onto TAM, which are then recorded and stored for future reference.

The Checks and Logs tool is not dissimilar to the Task Generator (see Task Management). The difference is that the Task Generator focuses on a specific Task that needs to be carried out, whereas a Check and Log is simply about someone checking that things are OK and then confirming this or, if not, either dealing with the problem there and then, or creating a Task on TAM to have the problem fixed.

It is easy to create a new Check and Log or modify an existing one.
Easy to set up

It is quick and easy to create a new Check and Log. You simply specify which items you want to be checked, and then enter what these items should be checked for. You then assign and schedule the Checks and Logs very much the same way you would a Task.

One difference compared to the Task Generator is that for each Check and Log you also appoint a person to be the "owner" of that Check and Log. This is the person who is automatically notified of any problems logged onto TAM so that he/she can then ensure that any problems are addressed.

TAM provides Checks and Logs templates

To make life easier for you, TAM also provides you with templates for various Checks and Logs that are mainly related to Health and Safety and Fire Safety, and which you can modify and activate as you see fit.

Automatically updated with new content

An advantage with many of the templates that TAM provides you with is that these checklists are automatically updated should the items that need checking change. For example, if you add a fire extinguisher to your list of fire fighting equipment in the Fire Safety section of TAM, the Check and Log will be automatically updated to include the new fire extinguisher.

Audit trail.  View the results of each check online.Audit trail

All the records from these checks are stored on TAM and are easily accessed and viewed online at any time and from anywhere in the world. This makes TAM a much more efficient way of carrying out checklists compared to the old hardcopy versions.

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